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We build the social responsibility management system in compliance with the Standard IQNet SR 10 that in terms of requirements corresponds with the Standards SA-8000 and ISO 26000. Our permanent target consists in creating and maintaining the confidence of both employees and also customers in a socially responsible and ethical behaviour of the company towards employees. We have adopted the policy of social responsibility with the following motto:

Greatest value to our business consists in our employees, our responsibility towards them is important not only for the current, but also future prosperity!

This principal motto shall be met by concentrating on following principles:

  1. Standard social responsibility management system
    1. The basis of the social responsibility system is the values: responsibility towards employees, transparency of actions, ethical behaviour, consideration taken to the interests of all parties being involved, respect to legal rules and international standards, as well as respecting human rights.
    2. The social responsibility management system is an organic part of the whole management. Our company undertakes to not only observe the social responsibility system, but also to permanently improve it.
    3. The social responsibility management system is documented in the frame of governing company documents on the basis of which its fulfilment in practice is controllable at any time.
    4. In order to fulfil the social responsibility system, the company management has nominated its representative whom is the general manager of the company. He is responsible for the system and carries out communications within and outside the company.
    5. This policy of social responsibility is available for all company employees, and through the web sites it is also available to the public.
  2. Principles of social responsibility observed towards employees
    1. Non-discrimination. The company creates equal possibilities for all its employees, i.e. when they are engaged and during their professional growth. Rules for employment are identical for all employees without any difference and without either any influence of race, sex, political orientation, religion, personal relations with superiors, or other possible facts.
    2. Right to privacy. The company anxiously protects employees’ personal data filed, including the multi-level data protection in information systems.
    3. Prevention of forced labour. The company shall never use the forced labour, for example, the work of prisoners.
    4. Prevention of children work. The company shall never use the work of children; it will always respect the limits provided by the legal order of the Czech Republic.
    5. Work safety and protection of health at work (OSH= Occupational Safety and Health). The company has created a functional system of OSH that is personally and materially consummated and includes the system of controls.
    6. Suitable working surroundings. With regard to technologies used the company creates and verifies the most suitable working conditions in all plants.
    7. Common association and collective bargaining. The company collaborates effectively with the trade unions of its employees and meets all the rules of collective bargaining including the conclusion of collective agreements.
    8. Working conditions and wages. The company creates suitable working conditions in respect of working hours schedule including observing overtime work limits. The company has a transparent wage system ensuring a decent standard of living.
    9. Contracts of employment. The company employs only on the basis of legally and ethically perfect employment contracts and agreements.
    10. Professional development. The company supports education of employees bound to their working positions and also their further career development. In the form of other projects the company supports employees’ innovative creative efforts.
    11. Considerations taken to personal lives of employees. In the course of working and holiday and vacation schedules the company takes consideration to the interests of employees in terms of workplace availability and rest of employees.
    12. Respect for dignity of employees. Dignity of employees is an important value that is protected in such a way that any superior respects it, while he simultaneously supervises that it is not violated from the side of other employees or superiors.
  3. Principles of social responsibility observed towards the company neighbourhood
    1. Principles of social responsibility are reflected into the contacts with customers in the areas of promotion, advertisement, entering into contracts, protection of personal data and providing products.
    2. The company reflects the same principles of social responsibility also into the contacts with its suppliers, while within supply chains it supports general sharing of these principles.
    3. The company further reflects these principles of social responsibility into the relations with subsidiary companies in the group, into the relations with the state administration, local public in the locations of registered offices of plants, into the relations with competitors, as well as with the bodies and organizations dealing in the environment.

This Policy of Social Responsibility is the commitment of our company management to comply with the principles in the area of social responsibility stipulated by relevant specifications and requirements of customers. The policy of social responsibility is a basis for setting targets, target values and programmes. Company employees are acquainted and become familiar with appropriate forms of this policy.

This policy is accepted for the indefinite period. The policy may be reviewed in terms of timeliness and efficiency at any time and for any reason, however, at minimum once in a year in the course of reviewing the managing system by the company management.