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We aim namely to deliveries of technical equipment for machinery and technological complexes. We have a lot of experience from glass working and costume jewelry industries.  

In addition to our main program which consists of integrated deliveries of electric equipment for glass furnaces, Desko a.s. delivers electrical equipment to other sectors:

  • Industrial buildings and warehouses
  • Technological parts of buildings (for ex. water cleaning plants)
  • House building up to 1000 V
  • Single-purpose machines

The delivery may also include the elaboration of technical documentation and revision.

All said activities are supported by our own designing group that designs and elaborates project documentation for electric appliances up to 1 000 V inclusive OTK distributors and delivery revision. Our deliveries can be supported by permanent assistance of our specialists.

Our project documentation applies namely to:

  •  Special working machines
  •  Melting circuits, technologies, regulation and data collection on furnace assemblies
  •  Industrial buildings
  •  Administrative and housing units
  •  Electrical distribution systems

Our production is based on valid certificates for production of following distributors:

  •  RH Type range (main)          In  250 -  630A,   Un 230/400V,   50Hz,   IP 54/20
  •  RT  Type range (technological)  In 16 – 125A,  Un 230/400V,   50Hz,   IP 54/20
  •  RO  Type range (layman’s operation)  In 16 – 125A, Un 230/400V,   50Hz,   IP 54/20

Distributors are equipped with components of world leading manufacturers or with components in conformity with customer’s requirements.